Going above and beyond

Value Added Services

Our value-added services put you in touch with leading industry experts who can improve your business practices and help you get the most from your translation and localization budget.

Whether it’s advising in the implementation of a controlled language program such as Simplified Technical English (STE) or helping clients choose and implement a solution for moving to a multivendor environment, we are fully committed to being a value-adding partner.

No shortcuts on the road to quality

Linguistic Validation

A poor-quality translation can have serious or even tragic consequences. That’s why we put vital information through rigorous QA processes.

Solve problems at the source

Controlled Authoring

Our “Quality at Source” ethos and flexible approach to controlled authoring produce better quality content and stop errors from multiplying.

Get your message out

Content Creation

Our content creation services help you produce the right content, at the right time, for the right channels.

Extra steps mean extra peace of mind

3rd Party Review

We can objectively assess both the quality of your current translation service and the quality of your translated content.

Choose the right tool for the job

CMS Selection

We can help you choose the best content management system (CMS), or simply centralize your content for easy access and greater reusability.

Service where and when you need it most

Outsourcing Services

Our outsourced specialists can bring a fresh perspective to your operations while letting your employees concentrate on your core business.

Let us build you a winning strategy

MDR & Life Sciences Consulting

Our consulting services can help you adapt to new market dynamics and continue to compete, no matter what your pain points may be.

Make your apps available to everyone

Internationalization Testing Services

Our experienced team will guide you on how best to optimize your software for international release before you even begin translating.

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We are committed to giving you freedom of choice while providing subject matter expertise and customized strategies to fit your business needs.

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